Turmeric Chai (Caffeine Free) 100g

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Turmeric Chai is a blend of pure turmeric and our very own masala chai which contains black pepper making it more potent for the body to absorb. Black pepper has antibacterial properties; pepper is also used to preserve food. It is a rich source of manganese, iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and dietary fiber.

Product: 100g resealable pouch 

Product: 100g resealable pouch

Turmeric added with the wonders of Chai spices..what else can you ask for? It is the healthiest drink you can ever taste! Turmeric is already amazing in itself having that great cancer fighting properties, and mix it with five more powerful spices of chai, what does that make of you? Super human. Whew! Did you know that chai tea is a staple drink in India and is drank by public transportation drivers to feed their bodies with the necessary energy that they need for long hours of driving? Yes, it is that awesome! But that's just one of the many health benefits of chai tea.

So how do you prepare this?

1. Just boil water in a pot or in a kettle.

2. When the water has already boiled, pour some of it into your favorite cuppa.

3. Add the Turmeric Chai into your hot water and enjoy.

4. You may add milk or honey, according to your taste preference. 



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