50g White Tea - Silver Tips - Moringa

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Product weight: 50g in a tea caddy

Moringa Oleifera originated in Northern India centuries ago. It has been used in Indian medicine for over 5000 years. The tree is drought resistant and can grow in a wide variety of poor soils. 

Moringa tree leaves, pods and roots are eaten; flowers are loved by bees and seeds are powdered and used to purify water from murky rivers.

It is widely used in third world countries to help combat malnutrition. It contains all the essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protiens.

It is known to have:
o 2 times protein contained in yoghurt
o 7 times the Vitamin C of an orange
o 3 times the Potassium of a banana
o 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots
o 4 times the Calcium of milk 

Kenteco's Silver Tips White Teas are the most delicate of all teas. They are rare to find and are usually hand processed using the youngest shoots of the tea plant, with no oxidation. They are the least processed form of tea in which the leaves and buds are steamed and dried, producing the least amount of caffeine compared to other natural forms of tea. 

We have made this special tea for those looking for that extra kick. Unlike other energy products on the market, this tea is all natural and preservative free !

White tea requires a very low temperature and a longer steeping time (5-10 minutes). White tea brews to a pale yellow/light colour, and has a slightly sweet flavour. When brewing white tea always use fresh cold water and bring it to the boil and allow this to cool before pouring it over the tea leaves. (Never use boiling water to prepare white or green tea, as the temperature will cook and destroy the tea leaf, creating a bitter taste.) 

Why drink White Tea:
o White tea has the most number of antioxidants compared to black or green tea.
o Contains the least amount of caffeine compared to other teas
o It is far less likely to stain you teeth than black tea or coffee.
o Since white tea is the least processed of all teas it has the highest number of polyphenols 
o The Rolls Royce of tea’s – the ultimate tea to give you the added benefits in a refreshing cup
o Helps maintain general wellbeing
o White tea is uplifting and refreshing

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