​5 Herbs to Fight against Cold and Flu

​5 Herbs to Fight against Cold and Flu

26th Nov 2020

Colds and the annoying flu are common nowadays, especially during the winter season. But if you don’t want to take numerous drugs and prescribed medicine, you should definitely know about natural remedies. Honey, lemon, ginger, and other foods are frequently used in the case of flu and colds. But the practitioners of traditional medicine also recommend tea in these circumstances. What are some of the best tea herbs for treating the flu? Let’s find out the 5 Herbs we think are good to fight against cold and flu

  • 1.Green Tea

Even though many tend to consider this tea only as a substitute for coffee, because it boosts the energy level, green tea is actually an excellent remedy for colds and flu. Due to its high amount of antioxidants and amino acids, green tea helps your body fight the flu and strengthens your immune system. Quercetin – an antioxidant, and L-theanine – an amino acid, are essential for a better immunity. The first nutrient has antiviral proprieties, which means that it can fight back the viruses causing the common cold. Also, a 2013 study revealed that quercetin inhibits the growth of common cold viruses. This compound is also found in other types of tea that were processed from green tea, such as black tea and oolong tea.

However, we advise you not to exceed the recommended daily amount of caffeine, because the said tea also contains this substance (a cup of 8 ounces contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine).

  • 2.Echinacea

If you are a fan of a healthy lifestyle and natural remedies, you have undoubtedly heard of Echinacea. In recent years, this herb gained an amazing popularity due to its health proprieties. Nowadays, there are plenty of Echinacea supplements, recommended especially for boosting the immunity. But did you know that you can also use it as a tea remedy for flu? Besides this, it has an enchanting pink color and a pleasant aroma. Due to its color, you can convince children who don’t like tea to drink it much easier.

But as herbal tea for flu and colds, Echinacea tea eases the symptoms and shortens the duration of infection. Moreover, the nutrients it contains boost the immunity. It is recommended to start drinking this tea regularly, especially when the cold season begins.

  • 3.Peppermint

It is no news that peppermint can treat flu or colds as this herb is commonly used in remedies for coughs and as a decongestant. The active compound, which makes peppermint a wonderful treatment for these issues, is called the menthol. This agent facilitates productive coughs and also helps in relieving congestion.

Additionally, the leaves of peppermint contain a particular type of oil that has antiviral proprieties. Being a natural antiviral agent, peppermint prevents the spread of viruses causing the flu or colds and also inhibits their growth.

If you suffer from severe sinus congestion or even a chronic sinusitis, you can also treat it with peppermint tea. The vapors of this tea can be efficiently used for inhalation in these circumstances. This natural remedy eases the pain and pressure you feel because of the sinus congestion.

In conclusion, peppermint tea is much more than a tasteful, aromatic beverage. And another advantage of it is its extremely accessible price.

  • 4.Licorice Root

Licorice root can also be successfully used as herbal tea for flu. It has beneficial anti-inflammatory proprieties, which ease the symptoms of a cold or flu immediately, as the painful swelling is reduced. If you experience sore or scratchy throat, drink a cup of warm – not hot – licorice root tea in order to soothe it. This tea also encourages the body to eliminate mucus from the respiratory tracts. However, you are not advised to drink the said tea on a daily basis, but only when treating colds and the flu, or another health issues.

  • 5.Eucalyptus

When it comes to tea herbs for treating the flu, Eucalyptus is another excellent choice. Many tribes use tea made of eucalyptus leaves to treat fever. Also, this herb is known for its amazing effect upon the respiratory system. In fact, a particular compound of it, named eucalypton, can relieve chest congestion, and it helps your body to loosen phlegm. The same compound inhibits and even destroys the influenza virus. If you never have drunk eucalyptus tea before, you should consult a physician first, because, in rare cases, you can be allergic to it and develop skin rashes.

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