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Purple tea is a rare variety of tea grown around Mt Kenya region in very selective gardens. This species is thought to have originated in Tocklai in Assam.

It’s known to contain exceptionally high levels of anthocyanins and catechins. The catechin type contained in high levels is the epigallocatechin gallate (EPCG) . When EPCG are oxidized during fermentation, Theaflavins 3,3digallates are formed which are the most astringent forms of theaflavins. (thea flavins are responsible for the briskness in the cup; the more gallated a theaflavin is the more the astringent and therefore the better the cup quality) hence the thirst quenching ability of purple tea delights consumers.

When steamed to produce green purple tea the high levels of epigallocatechin gallates retained are highly anti oxidants in nature which helps fight free radicals in the body hence reducing risks of hypertension and cardiac arrests.

Purple tea therefore is a rare type of thirst quenching tea with excellent briskness and flavor in oxidized form as well as a containing lots of health benefits in green tea form. 

The tea is processed and rolled similar to an Oolong, but the flavour is much more earthy and rustic. The leaves infuse quickly and stand up to 4 steepings with dynamic flavour. It may be possible that this is a low caffeine tea because of it’s unique growing conditions. 

• Put 1/2 teaspoon in a teapot
• Brew for 5 minutes with warm water to unlock the
distinct earthy and rustic taste.

Health Benefits:
• High levels of theaflavins, making this tea a good thirst quencher
• helps constipation
• helps women’s regularity
• doesn’t keep one up at night
• lowers heat in the body

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