50g Pouch White Tea - Silver Tips - Rose Buds

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Our Kenteco White Tea Silver Tips blended with Rose buds, creating a healthful blend. 

Product description:
Product Weight: 50g 

Taste: delicate sweet 

Preparation & Serving: Put a few tea leaves in a tea infuser. Pour water just off the boil. Let this brew for 2-3 minutes and then enjoy each sip. You can keep adding hot water until no taste is left.

Health Benefits:
o White tea has more antioxidants then black or green tea.
o White tea also reduces high blood pressure by slowing down the formation of certain enzymes that cause this condition in blood vessels.
o It is far less likely to stain you teeth than black tea or coffee.
o Since white tea is the least processed of all teas is has the highest number of polyphenols (disease preventing antioxidants). 

Rose Buds Health Benefits:
o ideal for skin toning and improving texture of the skin
o helps eliminate fatigues
o relaxes the body
o the brewed tea helps when cooled can be applied to the tired eyes and tired skin to help rejuvenate 

More Information: White Tea is a form of tea in which the leaves and buds are steamed and dried. It is thus the least processed form of tea as all other teas undergo both withering and oxidation. Kenteco’s Silver Needle White tea contains more buds, which are covered with silvery hairs that give it a whitish color.

To gather white tea the silver tips are plucked before opening and are then withered to allow the natural moisture to evaporate and dry.

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