Moringa Oleifera 101:…

   Are you in love with the multitude of flavors and scents of teas or are you…

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5 Herbs to help fight…

Colds and the annoying flu are common nowadays, especially during the winter season. But if you…

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"I purchased your Earl Grey black tea recently at Floriade 2012.I don`t usually take a chance buying tea from a company I never dealt with before. Glad I did but, this is the nicest tea yet, the flavour and aroma is amazing, such a change from the brands I have used for years. I ordered two more, love the black metal container. I will be drinking this from now on."

Colin Bell

"The exquisite taste and the range is what makes me continue using your product. Also the quality of the tea is great. I was more than impressed with the prompt delivery.You seem to have just what I want- the best tea! "

Sharma, Minchinbury, NSW             

Our philosophy of: feed your body the best - can be tasted in every sip of our tea.